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Vecna Robotics delivers Automated Material Handling, Hybrid Fulfillment, and Workflow Optimization solutions featuring self-driving vehicles operated by our learning Autonomy Stack. Our solutions deliver value for customers in the distribution, e-commerce, warehousing, and manufacturing sectors. Our unique orchestration engine technology,, allows diverse robot types and humans to work together seamlessly and to flexibly yield an adaptive business solution, capable of meeting the increasingly unpredictable market needs.

Our technology goes beyond traditional automation and focuses on maximizing human and robot capability to create fulfilling jobs, increase productivity, and encourage innovation.

Specialties: robotics, autonomy, autonomous navigation , fleet management , goods-to-person, person-to-goods, point-to-point, logisitcs , warehouse automation , pallets, tuggers, collaborative, Materials Handling Automation, Vision Guided Vehicles, Self-driving vehicles, Industry 4.0, and forklift free

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425, Waverley Oaks Road, Waverley Oaks, Waltham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, 02452-6268, United States
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