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TugForce is an On-demand commercial Truckers and Shippers marketplace to help Truck Drivers to get loads when their trucks are empty and at the same time TugForce will connect shippers with carriers directly without multitier middlemen and their high brokerage fees. Both truckers and shippers will earn and save more money/time by using TugForce marketplace for both LTL (Less than Truck Load) and FTL (Full Truckload) Shipments. TugForce Apps are free.

If you are a Commercial Truck Driver or Fleet Owner, TugForce is fast-tracking the Owner Operator Truck Drivers and Small Fleets contracting with Commercial Shippers like never before. If you’re a truck driver, simply install TugForce App and register as a Carrier or as a Carrier Fleet Company.

If you’re a Shipper, you can use TugForce to search the profiles of dedicated Owner Operator truck drivers and small Fleets looking to make your job easier and cost effective. Carriers will be able to view your requests, submit bids and get your merchant’s shipments on their way. You will be able to see/find any available deals from Carriers.

Shippers Benefits:
-On Demand Local / Nationwide Shipping Service (both LTL & FTL)
-Open Carriers Market – See Carriers Deals directly! Saving $ Millions Annually (No multitier middlemen)
-Fast, Timely Pickup & Delivery
-Real time Shipping tracking option.
-Real Time direct communication with Carriers.
-Auto Notifications when Shipment Picked up, On Transit, Delivered or even if its Delay for any reason.

Carriers Benefits (Owner Operators and Fleet Owners):
-No more multitier Middlemen for Owner Operator Truck Drivers and Small Fleets who struggles everyday for high cost non-transparent multitier middlemen and Brokers fees.
-Fully transparent payments and very minimum Service fee.
-Quick payment option and no more waiting for 30-40 days for payments from Shippers or Freight Brokers.
-Fewer Empty Trailers or Trucks
-More Shipments

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