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Established in 2000, Transport Exchange Group operates two of the UK’s largest and fastest-growing independent freight exchanges: Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange. It is now, by some distance, the leading provider of managed freight exchange services for the road transport industry.

Every day over 8,000 businesses use the Exchange platform, powered by our unique SCALE technology (Smart Content and Location Engine), to find or fill available capacity and improve efficiency.

Across the UK and into Europe, our platform helps members eliminate empty journeys, driver shortages, demand fluctuations, and poor asset and load visibility.

The Exchange uses advanced telematics integration to help logistics businesses dramatically reduce empty running, thus cutting costs, reducing emissions and improving profitability.

Specialties: SME Platforms, Enterprise Solutions, Mobile, and Collaborative Solutions

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One Six Six, First Floor, 166 College Road, Harrow, London, London HA1 1BH, GB
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