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Orkestra Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) is a logistics and technology company that removes complexity by delivering a fully transparent and integrated global supply chain with an intelligent platform and innovative people. Orkestra offers a unique combination of Supply Chain Planning & Design, Technology, and 4PL Services to digitize and optimize customer’s supply chain networks and gives customers a single source of truth into the heart of their business.

The proprietary platform leverages AI, Machine Learning and Pervasive IoT to achieve full end-to-end real-time visibility and control in one cloud-enabled system as never before. Through Orkestra's 4PL Services, customers can focus on their core mission and leverage Orkestra’s digital supply chain control tower to reduce fixed overhead costs and drive operational performance. The scope of service spans the customer’s cash to cash cycle, from order placement to collection.

The experienced team of supply chain experts, logistics engineers and data scientists is dedicated to transforming global supply chains to make life simple and our planet healthier.

Specialties: logistics, supply chain, consulting, technology, private equity, demand planning, logistics (network) optimization, machine learning, Supply Chain Planning & Design, import/export management, order fulfillment, shipping management, transportation management, sales & operations planning, inventory management, supply chain visibility, supply chain optimization & digitization, warehouse management, AI, electronic data interchange, supplier management, technology, supply chain planning & design, and Supply chain management

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