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Optimal Dynamics introduces next-generation artificial intelligence to enable logistics companies to better plan, optimize and automate strategic, tactical and real-time operational decisions.

Based on nearly 40 years of extensive research & development at Princeton University in conjunction with decades of real-world application, reimagines how private fleets, dedicated capacity and for-hire carriers think about planning and operating their truckload assets, drivers and brokerage arms where applicable. Our platform enables users to ask hyper-detailed strategic 'what if' questions via a simulation-based environment. We then leverage those outputs to maximize network profitability, increase asset revenue/utilization, reduce unnecessary cost and mitigate risk, all while keeping drivers moving in the most efficient manner.

Optimization is nothing new, but it’s extremely difficult to get right. Through the use of High-Dimensional AI, has been proven to achieve outsized impacts for our customers.

Specialties: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Strategic Planning, Resource Allocation, Future Visibility, Cost Avoidance, Data Science/Analytics, Operational Efficiency, Planning for (future) Uncertainty, Supply Chain Optimization, Logistics & Transportation Optimization, Simulation-based Strategic Questions, Dispatch Automation, Hyper-detailed Analysis, Tactical Load Acceptance/Allocation, Maximize Equipment Utilization, Automated Driver Assignment , Stochastic Optimization, Approximate Dynamic Programming (ADP), Value Function Approximation, Network Efficiency, Private Fleet Management, Dedicated Capacity Optimization, For-Hire Carrier Optimization, SCM Consulting Projects, API Integrations, Network Visualization, Logistics Innovation, and Trucking Reimagined

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