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Nulogy is an award-winning provider of agile supply chain software solutions, with operations in North America and the United Kingdom. The world’s leading consumer brands and their contract packagers and manufacturers leverage Nulogy's solutions for increased agility and resilience in their external supply chains.

Nulogy's platform is designed to optimize contract packaging and manufacturing operations, while enhancing collaboration between consumer brands and their external supply chain providers. By eliminating friction and bottlenecks through digital transformation, Nulogy allows consumer brands and their supply chain partners to unleash innovation, creativity, and agility in their external supply chains. Nulogy's platform drives out waste on a global scale, reducing costs, improving product quality and safety and ensuring a more sustainable supply chain.

Specialties: software-as-a-service, logistics, manufacturing, packaging, consumer goods, contract packaging, assembly, kitting, co-pack, cloud software, agile customization, supply chain, CPG, and contract manufacturing

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