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MoLo's vision is to be the premier 3PL service provider in the transportation industry. We have coupled a competitive team, an elite training program and modern technology to provide end to end transparency from shipper to receiver for our customers. Our investment in a fast moving, cloud based platform, real time tracking, customer specific analytics, and most of all, the development of our people is what will differentiate us within the industry.

When we founded MoLo, we spoke to shippers and drivers across the country to understand the values they appreciated most from their 3PL providers. We used their feedback to develop our culture around transparency, integrity, and dedication to each load. We are building our customer's trust by following through on our commitments and continuously problem solving to provide logistics solutions, in a cost-efficient manner. We rely on our network to be an extension of our culture and treat each one of our drivers as part of our collaborative team that our customers can consistently depend upon.

MoLo's goal is to deliver every load we commit to nationwide, regardless of today’s volatile market conditions. We execute with our dependable network and an algorithm that allows us to adjust the drivers we work with based on the product, equipment, customer requirements, and hours of service. We aim to eliminate the supply chain hassle entirely and allow our partners to manage their businesses without the worry of timely product distribution.

Specialties: Logistics, Supply Chain, Transportation, Freight, and 3PL

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