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MIXMOVE is an award-winning cloud solution that revolutionizes the loading of goods, by ensuring maximum capacity utilization. Our solution amplifies existing solutions by easily connecting supply chains into a network and creating item-level visibility along the entire supply chain. You will have all the information you need in one single platform, making it easier to plan and predict.

Based on existing resources and capacities, MIXMOVE can orchestrate volume-optimized pallets for loading purposes of all kinds, whether truck, forwarding agency, train, airplane, or cargo ship, based on the next destination. This results in higher fill rates and increased operational efficiency.

Our customers have experienced a reduction in logistics costs by up to 35%, a reduction in emissions by up to 50%, and better predictability.

Specialties: Digital cross-docking, Parcel-level optimization, SaaS, Cloud Logistics, Sustainability, End-to-end visibility, Smart City Logistics, Supply chain, Smart Parcel, logistics, leanlogistics, greenlogistics, innovation, barcodestandards, Logistics software, supplychainvisibility, itemlevel, resilience, and flexibility

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Martin Linges vei 25 1364 Fornebu Norway
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