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MatchBack Systems, Inc. provides the leading software services to optimize and automate container matchbacks. We offer a compelling solution that leverages cloud computing, advanced algorithms and automation to help customers identify and execute matchbacks while tackling the costly problem of empty container moves inland.

Our unique optimization engine analyzes import and export data to identify the optimal and recurring matchbacks within a customer's network or with other parties on the system. Our neutral platform serves as a matching marketplace where shippers, ocean carriers, 3PLs and others in the supply chain community can execute their internal or collaborative matches to realize significant street-turn savings.

Our sustainable and innovative solutions enable companies to create matchbacks in a systematic and scalable way to lower overall costs, improve efficiencies and reduce harmful emissions.

Specialties: Logistics Software, Collaborative Industry Platform, Street-turns, Matchbacks, Supply Chain, Sustainability, and Intermodal

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2701 Larsen Rd. Ste 140 Green Bay, WI 54303, USA
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