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Mastery is on a Mission to empower select shippers, carriers and logistics companies to thrive in complexity. Mastery brings to market MasterMind™, a cloud-based SaaS technology solution for large complex organizations, built to fuel automation, visibility, and productivity within their supply chains.

Mastery was conceived by Jeff Silver, whose proprietary technology systems have powered some of the largest logistics companies in North America for over four decades and have been brought to life by a team of logistics and software professionals – true Maestri at work.

MasterMind is built for size, stability, speed, efficiency, and automation within and across functional areas. Built by logistics experts, MasterMind provides unprecedented visibility and control by embracing the complexity that is the reality of the supply chain world.

For more than 40 years, the industry has grown with patchwork tools built for specific jobs. And complexity continues to soar.

Supply Chains have generally been disconnected, and disconnected systems force manual intervention to deliver desired results. With multiple tools and multiple work streams, labor and IT costs compound with no guarantee of a single view into a given Supply Chain. Waste and inefficiency abound. When multiple systems are used to manage operational activity across business units, workstreams and networks, it creates complexities that can be challenging to manage and costly to manage.

Companies often sub-optimize one or more of those functions by attempting to fit it into a transportation management system that is adequate at another function, creating friction between systems or added work. Mastery solves this problem by bringing all operating functions into a single cloud-based TMS, providing flexibility, visibility, control, and efficiency. We can all work faster, smarter, and more efficiently with Mastery.

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