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At Magaya, our mission is to revolutionize the Logistics Industry and to deliver breakthrough value to our customers. We are working towards the day when Logistics Companies can receive and act on all cargo transactions electronically, without paper. We offer the world's best products to our customers, and the most challenging and exciting career opportunities to our employees.

Our headquarters are located in Miami, Florida and we have a network of distributors around the globe to assist you. Magaya Corporation is a software development company that provides solutions to the logistics industry. Our products are intended for companies such as International Freight Forwarders, Consolidators, Warehouse Providers, Cargo Airlines, Shipping Lines, N.V.O.C.C.’s, Export/Import Companies, Wholesalers, and Distributors. Our Logistics Software products include: Magaya Cargo System, Magaya WMS, Magaya Distribution System and Magaya Supply Chain Solution. These products are complete solutions that automate your entire organization and provide state of the art communication features. All of them were designed for the global market and they are multi-currency and multi-language.

Specialties: Logistics Software Solutions, WMS Software, Cargo Software, Commerce Software, eCommerce software, and eCommerce Fulfillment Software

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