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Machine automation alone will not build a high-performing warehouse. To succeed at scale you need smart automation orchestrated with precision across the new Digital Workforce that includes humans, robots, machines and AI – a collaborative workforce optimized by intelligent workflows.

Our automation philosophy starts with people and process rather data and machines and we place an emphasis on first optimizing people with completely configurable processes that communicate in a people-centric way and connect those people with everything around them. We make technology easier for people with simple augmented reality, vision-based and voice instructions on any mobile device from smart glasses to phones to tablets.

Have a process where machines will make your people faster and safer? LogistiVIEW's configurable processes apply to machines too and the platform allows for connectivity to multiple robots and machines and treats them like additional members of your digital workforce, optimized based on the unique capabilities of each robot and the processes in which they participate.

LogistiVIEW’s Warehouse Execution Platform plugs the new digital workforce into your existing information systems. WMS Agnostic. Hardware Agnostic. Human-centric. It's time to demand a single platform built for future flexibility and near-term ROI.

Specialties: Logistics, Wearables, Augmented Reality, Enterprise, Manufacturing, Retail, Enterprise Mobility, Connected Worker, Labor Management, Warehouse Operations, and Warehouse Execution

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