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The idea is not new - the key to solving it is being very well connected with shippers and carriers and having a deep understanding of what is needed while continually seeking to better understand. What sets us apart is our independent and intense focus on a single goal - develop a low cost solution that makes collaboration simple, provides total transparency and creates the density to generate significant synergies for both shippers and carriers. Lanehub’s collaborative transportation community will automatically identify and connect you to companies with complimentary shipping lanes, then facilitate multi-company collaboration using benchmark rate transparency to build attractive lane bundles that create new opportunities to reduce costs, eliminate waste and secure additional truckload capacity. The Lanehub community is an awesome network of companies and transportation professionals. You can strengthen your network by inviting your suppliers and customers to improve truckload capacity within your own supply chain or look outside your network to find new opportunities to connect your freight lanes. As you grow your network connections you’ll create more attractive freight, which lowers your cost and improves your carrier’s utilization. Transportation professionals are looking to collaborate and the Lanehub community is the place to make it happen.

Specialties: Transportation, Technology, Collaboration, and Freight Lanes

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