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HubTran’s vision is big: An efficiency revolution in transportation. Our affordable AI platform uses OCR and machine learning to automatically process invoices, bill customers and manage docs— making transactions instantaneous and paperless. Super-easy, super-smart, and getting smarter all the time. With HubTran, logistics companies work 4x faster, cash moves faster, and both happen without mistakes. Though our tech’s been showered with awards, the most valuable praise comes from customers who can’t say enough about HubTran’s exceptional performance, zero startup time, and killer customer service.

Specialties:  Logistics, Transportation, Factoring, Back office, Document management, Payables automation, 3PL, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Freight, Efficiency, OCR, and Supply Chain

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318 W Adams St, 15th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60606, USA
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Vic Uzumeri, PhD

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