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Freightify is a freight-tech start-up aiming to revolutionize the trillion-dollar international freight industry.

We are a strong and supportive team of 100+ passionate logistics professionals from Denmark, the United States, and India who have come together to digitize a large unorganized market of International Freight Forwarding/Shipping.

Freightify empowers freight forwarders by providing white-labeled rate automation solutions to digitize their rate procurement, rate management, and quotation processes with ease.

In addition to this, we also provide track and trace solutions that help freight forwarders in getting the latest milestone location of vessels and automated milestones within seconds.

Our mission is to democratize technology for freight forwarders.
Digitization of global trade can be attained by making technology accessible to freight forwarders.

As a forwarder, if your products and services can be booked, reserved, or quoted online, Freightify can help you in multiple ways, such as:

· Your business can run 24*7 - No constraints of working hours to book shipments

· Hassle-free documentation and paperwork - No need to keep stacks of documents

· Avoid email clutter - No need to draft email for small communication

· Efficient and faster communication with customers - No need to waste time on long and boring phone calls

· Get better internal communication and increased team collaboration

· Improved customer relations and service

· Automation of everyday tasks

We want to enable digitization for freight forwarders to facilitate them in delivering an exceptional user experience to their customers.

Book a personalized demo with our team of logistics professionals who can work with you to steer up on the opportunities digitization has to offer for your logistics business.

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