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Easyship is an end-to-end logistics platform, built to enable hyper-local to cross-border eCommerce, while removing barriers to entry, like inefficient systems and prohibitive cost's for SME's. As a user-centric product, Easyship has helped to simplify the complex world of logistics for more than 40,000 clients worldwide, making it more accessible for eCommerce SMBs and startups to grow.

At Easyship we’re building sophisticated tools to help the world share products in a more innovative way. We believe that the harmonious union of product and logistics can influence global sales and brand love.

Easyship is made up of independent thinkers, technologists, and operators – working collaboratively to do compelling work, create cool stuff, and inspire each other. With headquarters in New York and Hong Kong, and offices in London, Singapore, Taipei, and Melbourne, our global team is a diverse group of passionate colleagues.

Specialties: Logistics, Internet, Crossborder eCommerce, International Trade, Technology, eCommerce, Business Intelligence, and Fulfilment

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55 Prospect St, Brooklyn, New York 11201, USA
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