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Ease Logistics is a multi-operational supply chain and transportation solution. We provide accelerated, innovative services that help deliver the products and goods of select clients by means of a highly effective global network. Our knowledgeable professionals simplify the logistics experience with our unique and unmatched customer service model.

Our Story:
In 2014, Peter Coratola used his talent, experience and passion to make a lasting impact in the logistics industry, despite the industry’s long-unchanged fundamental issues. By June 2014, Peter gathered the beginnings of the Ease team, people (along with three phones and three computers) who shared his vision for the company’s potential to improve the status quo. The initial team steadily expanded itself and the customer list while setting the high standard for customer service that has allowed Ease to grow to where it is today. In fall 2017, Ease moved to its current Dublin, OH location. With nearly 10 times the space and a steadily increasing volume, the new office was built and designed for imminent continued growth. With a heavy focus on state of the art technology, software, and data analytics to further separate Ease from the typical brokerage, we continue to drive together toward a bright future.

Our Service Model:
Our unique service model allows customers to seamlessly engage an entire logistics team, 24/7, with the click of a finger. Account managers work with customers to help cut costs and minimize risks. Client services work alongside you to efficiently plan and schedule with your suppliers and customers. Logistics coordinators work for you by ensuring every detail is covered. Each team works tirelessly together to make sure every need is addressed efficiently and effectively, so you can reclaim your time.

Our Solutions:
We offer a full range of solutions, from temperature controlled LTLs to overdimensional hauls. Our solutions help you get it there on time, on temperature and on budget.

Specialties: Third Party Logistics Provider, Transportation Consulting, Freight Brokerage, and Supply Chain Management

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