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Dock411 is the recognized leader in shipper facility information for transportation and logistics.

The Dock411 platform provides research, reviews, details, and analytics about shipper facilities.

Shippers use Dock411 to share details about their facility, improving safety and efficiency around the dock by informing drivers before they arrive. They post policies, procedures, wait times, and requirements as well as maps, photos, safety videos and amenities.

Shippers also use the reviews feature to collect actionable feedback from drivers to identify and understand ways to make their facilities more efficient and reduce costs.

Carriers and Brokers use Dock411 in a variety of ways. Back office teams like dispatch use the facility listings to plan, prepare, and assist drivers to get in and out as quickly as possible. Dispatchers can send dock details, warn drivers of hazards, and eliminate surprises. The end result is better driver retention and increased employee satisfaction. Brokers use Dock411 to evaluate shippers and receivers based on up-to-date, driver-sourced intel. Now it’s even easier to find the good shippers, avoid the poorly rated ones, and expand your margins and price your loads properly. Rather than building and maintaining their own silo of shipper facility information, carriers and brokers leverage our research service to outsource this critical task to a dedicated team with access to additional resources.

Drivers use our mobile apps to look up local directions, wait times, weight limits, parking situations, load/unload procedures, lumper fees, and dozens of other details about each facility. They can even see photos of the dock, and find out if it has amenities like restrooms, WiFi, and vending machines. Drivers can even see what others have to say about the location and share their own experiences in a helpful way.

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