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DLCartel asks - when did transacting freight become so over-complicated and combative?

Today's apps are neither carrier centric nor have Small & Medium Size businesses in mind; they were built by technologists and 3PLs.
The freight marketplace is not working for carriers because they can't make a living moving backhauls in both directions! And with fewer carriers, capacity tightens, and freight costs go up for shippers.
No single platform has overcome the obstacles disrupting carrier productivity and customer communication. They fracture carrier capacity. Others have obscured rates, keeping shippers in the dark about their freight spend, fueling animosity between carrier and customer. Until Now.
DLCartel is NOT a digital brokerage. We bring carriers together so they can act as one; and provide rate visibility that’s essential to shippers who want to move loads efficiently and equitably.
As a concept developed by a carrier, DLC recognizes the needs of both carrier and customer. We deliver efficiency, equity, and fix a broken system.
Customers, we give you direct access to top quality small and mid-size carriers without all the cost of aggregating them. We give you the tools to make informed freight decision without having to invest in a TMS. AND we give you RealRate - the ACTUAL BOOKED prices from A to B made visible to BOTH the carrier, and YOU!
Now everyone can see the actual booked rates on both sides of the platform.
For carriers we provide a platform where loads are available, and rates are genuine. Carriers want independence and the opportunity to make a fair living without being told which load to pull. AND we provide meaningful partner services that benefit you on and off the road beyond basic couponing!
3PL & brokers we appreciate that you offer valuable managed transportation services to customers and offer tools to find the best carriers. It’s your world, we just want to help you move freight in it.

Together let's become the only-stop-freight shop!

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