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The Conexiom Platform is purpose-built for automating trade documents. Trade documents represent buying and selling transactions – buying from vendors and selling to your customers.

We focus on trade documents because your sales and procurement processes are the backbone of all other operations in your business; they represent your revenue and your customer and vendor relationships. We set out to build a unique platform specifically to automate these business-critical documents because no other solution on the market meets all the requirements to do this.

Business outcomes we deliver:

Make your company easy to do business with. Build enduring, frictionless relationships with customers and suppliers without requiring them to change their processes.

Create resilient operations that scale with your business. As your business grows, your operational capacity no longer needs to rely on the size of your workforce. Protect revenue so you can do more with less.

Reduce costs while supercharging growth. Cut operational costs by automating manual processes that are slow, inefficient and error prone.

Specialties: Sales Order Automation, Invoice Automation, Sales Order Analytics, Digital Transformation, Automation, Machine Learning, AI, Document Process Automation, Accounts Payable Automation, Sales Order Processing, Order-to-Cash Automation, Purchase-to-Pay Automation, ecommerce, order processing, order management, Touchless Orders, Business Process Optimization, and Supply Chain

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