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Our mission is to digitize global delivery networks. While the “Sensor” in “SensorTransport” remains a cool feature, our true focus is on building an amazing cloud+mobility platform that any shipper can use to extend their existing enterprise system into the hands of local carriers and drivers. Global supply chains move products because smart people working in local markets do the hard work of first mile pickup and last mile delivery. Our team believes that a digitized delivery network will be a critical strategic differentiator in the supply chain of the future. A digitized delivery network providing real-time proof of delivery, improved security and immediate resolution of issues that arise during the delivery moment. But most importantly, the smart people who do the delivery will no longer be anonymous. They will be connected to the enterprise and rewarded for their good work. It’s time to get to know the people that are actually moving your stuff. We are excited to help make this happen. We are Clockwork Logistics Systems.

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8153 Elk Grove Blvd., #20, Elk Grove, California 95758, USA
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