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Innovation is crucial to survive in today’s rapidly changing world. Ideas for revenue streams will always be welcomed by the Board, but your back-office team might not be as excited as you are. New business models can be a pain to embed in existing flows; they often need to be processed manually so, not only does this take time, it is costly and prone to error.

cinvio is a payment platform and digital wallet that settles transactions for B2B logistics in a smooth, fast and simple way.

cinvio enables B2B eCommerce, while simplifying and facilitating trade between all stakeholders. The platform also optimises existing financial flows with easy automation and gives companies’ digitalisation initiatives a real boost. Let’s make payments in logistics smoother, easier and simply possible.


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cinvio bv The Beacon, Sint-Pietersvliet 7 BE-2000 Antwerp, Belgium
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Vic Uzumeri, PhD

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