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Carggo's team of enthusiastic, committed, and intelligent minds is passionate about reshaping the future of freight logistics.

At Carggo, we develop the most advanced technology to align shippers and carriers all over the nation with the goal of making shipping smarter, faster, and more transparent. As one of Startup City Magazine’s “15 Most Promising Tech Startups of 2019”, Carggo is your source for optimized shipping solutions.

Our value is not in the tech itself, but in the Peace of Mind it lets us deliver to our shippers and carriers. Peace of Mind that comes from...

1) Instant Pricing
2) Guaranteed Capacity
3) Full Transparency

By connecting shippers and carriers, Carggo aligns everyone’s needs with a more efficient, scalable, and profitable shipping solution ‒ eliminating the days of going back and forth getting quotes or check-call statuses.

At Carggo, you get a partner who is committed to helping you prosper and values your time and business. What's why we continuously innovate to develop new solutions to the biggest issues facing the transportation industry.

To register as a shipper or sign up to drive with Carggo, visit

Specialties: Logistics, Digital, Trucking, IT, Freight, and Transportation

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1460 Broadway, Suite 11016, New York, New York 10036, USA
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