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Fulfillment may not be sexy to most. Order fulfillment is not a topic that usually provokes a lot of excitement in others. It's our passion that sets us apart from other service providers. A passion for our clients'​ businesses; a passion for their products; a passion for doing the work that others can't or won't do as well as we can. Now that is sexy.

Our quality of service results from our can-do approach. That and the skills that come with our team's extensive experience are at the heart of our culture. Capacity's on-the-ground expertise is key. We're steeped in value-added services, EDI and e-commerce technology and fulfillment, as well as managing fulfillment and assembly programs on both coasts. With Capacity you get a single provider for all of your fulfillment needs (including some that you may not even know yet!)

If a job seems out of the ordinary, trust Capacity to provide the extraordinary. We do the basics well, but it's the unexpected where we excel. That's where we are at our best, and where our clients experience the difference of working with Capacity.

Specialties: Order Fulfillment, Assembly, Value-Added Services, EDI, Shipping & Transportation, Pick and Pack, E-commerce, and Third Party Logistics

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