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Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (BCC) is an international association supporting the emerging blockchain, distributed ledger technologies, and crypto currency industries. BCC is a membership-based organization comprised of professionals, individuals, corporations, blockchain companies, vendors, partners, non-profits and government agencies.

MISSION: “Awareness – Adoption – Advocacy” Our mission is to promote awareness, increase adoption, and facilitate advocacy in 3 core areas: a) blockchain for commerce b) blockchain for consumers c) blockchain for careers



Blockchain technology and crypto currencies are new and are cumbersome to understand. The mainstream community is entering into this market and needs to be aware of the risks, challenges, and rewards. (EDUCATION, EVENTS, COACHING, NEW CHAPTERS)


Millions of individuals and new companies will join the blockchain ecosystem; new startups, new careers, or investors. Standards and best practices are needed. (CBCP-CERTIFICATION, CAREER TRAINING, AMBASSADOR PROGRAM, MBR TOKEN)


a) Blockchain industry needs a proper balance of regulations for technological advancements, prevention of market scams, and protecting individual and corporate privacy/rights. (SMART REGULATIONS, INDUSTRY ORGANIZATION, DECENTRALIZED SOLUTIONS)

b) Blockchain technology leaves a heavy carbon footprint on the planet. (RESEARCH, GRANTS, NEW TECH, PARTNERSHIPS)

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