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7LFreight is a sophisticated web-based program that combines all of the tools used by freight forwarders into one location, allowing them to quote instantly, accurately and more efficiently than ever.

7LFreight automates mundane tasks and allows you to provide accurate information in mere seconds, saving you and your customers time and money... while generating added monthly revenue.

Our multi-solution platform uploads, provides and maintains Air + Surface rates in all US markets, combined with helpful quoting and routing tools such as Flight Schedules that include Loading Charts, pricing and more.

Find out more about our solutions, how they work and how you as a Forwarder can subscribe to one or all of them. With a full set of API's, 7LFreight is a one-stop, one-of-a-kind solution to all of your quoting and routing needs.

Specialties: IT, Computer Solutions, Rate Management, Air Freight Forwarding, Domestic, International, LTL, 3PL, Air Schedules, Airfreight , Technology, Integration, and API

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