The Team

Michael Darden

Chairman / CEO

Veteran Supply Chain Executive / Inventor: Leading logistics, transportation, warehousing, technology, process improvement, blockchain/DLT, Value Creation, and Solution Implementation. 

Andrew Cohen

Executive Vice President & CTO

Innovative Technology Leader / Inventor: Guiding collaborative development in logistics, distribution, reservations, social expression and airline governance achieving sustainable value and capital return in start-ups and the Fortune 100.

Linda Geotze

Executive Vice President

Blockchain / DLT, Industry leader – educator, cutting-edge technology enthusiast, i.e., digital agents, cryptocurrency – the go to person for connecting people, technology and businesses and opportunity.

Andy Serowitz

VP of Marketing

A seasoned consultant in marketing,
digitalization, and strategy. Leading Marketing research and productization of technology solutions for the Digital Freight marketplace by gathering customer, segment, and market intelligence.

Neal Huffman

VP of Sales

Seasoned Sales and Marketing Veteran, Logistics (Digitization-Financial Rails), Mobile Integration, Technical Product Management, Digital Switching Design, SaaS-telecom, FTTH, Governmental Transactions, Unified Solutions for Vendors and Clients utilizing Real-World Solutions.

Jeff Herle

VP of Operations

Senior Operations Executive – 20+ years scaling and managing supply chains for Coca-Cola.  Consulting and leading operational process and KPI improvement. Customer service transformation and experience design.

Chuck Hermans, Ph.D.

VP of Business Development

Market strategist, industry leader and educator. Go-to-market, logistics and marketing expert with over 30 years in international and domestic marketing research, analytics, sales and team building experience in logistics, blockchain, industrial real estate, and construction.

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